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info mahawu volcano

mahawu volcano is a strato volcano with ativities record that this volcano had been recorded  on 1789 ,1958,1964 small erupted and on the 1994 was fumoroles,mudpots and small geysers activities and 1998 hot gas come out the crater and made all the greenis forest become dryand this volcan from level 1 went up level 2.now this volcano in active normal.
from top of this volcano on the western of crater you can see view of lokon empung volcano and its crater name located on between the top of lokon and empung caled tompalauan crater with last eruption 29 agustt 2015 ,on the southern part of lokon mahawu volcano wiew of soputan active volcano with lasteruption7 february 2016.tampusu volcano,tondano lake and tomohon city down town,on thenorthern part of mahawu volcano crater view for bunaken national park under water wall diving atraction,banka island,klabat and duasudara mountain and bitung city and lembeh strait for muck dive atraction and also you can see karangetan volcano and siaw island before sunrise.
on the esthern part of mahawu volcano crater view of makabembembeng mountain and east lembean mountaines with part of tondano city and tondano caldera lake .
this volcano is the home of volcanoes lover and birdlover.other information i can give if you need.
regard from mountain man guide jotje lala.http://mahawuvolcanotour.blogspot.com
this mahawu volcano is home of nature lover where the can present one tourist for one tree to plant usefull to for the future of the birdsas sulawesi endemic bird and other wild life,to decrease the global warm.

 north sulawesi vocanoes information 

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